All illustrations are the property of Alisha Gronska and are protected by copyright even after purchase. Resale or redistribution of the original files and their derivatives is strictly prohibited without written permission.

  • Graphics include all digital files of watercolors, vector/raster illustrations & clipart.
  • You may use my graphics as a part of a greater design like wedding invites, logos or web design.
  • End products must be significantly different from the original designs & require time, effort, and skill to produce.
  • You can use my graphics "as is", resell as printed materials, art prints, stickers for printing, or use for printing on-demand only with the purchase of an extended license.


Personal & Commercial License Extended License
Commercial use Yes Yes
Number of users One user per license One user per license
End Products for Sale up to 500 units 500 units or more

Client Work (all personal use is permitted)

Yes (up to 500 units, modification of the final product) Yes (use graphics 'as is')
Use graphics 'as is' No Yes
Print on demand No Yes
Resell or redistribute No No
Apps & software No No


If you are interested in collaborations, art licensing or a custom license then please contact me.